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    • How do I sign up?
      1. View the signup form, fill it out, and press Open Account or link via your social media profile.
      2. Find our message titled Confirm your email address in your inbox, open it, and press Confirm email—you will be redirected to our site.
      3. Fill in all the required information and press Continue, then set up your first trading account and you are ready to go.
    • I already have an account with OctaFX. How do I open a new trading account?
      1. Sign in to your Personal Area with your registration email address and Personal Area password.
      2. Click Create account button on the right of My accounts section or click Trading Accounts, and select Open real Account or Open demo Account.
    • What type of account should I choose?
      It depends on the preferred trading platform and the trading instruments you'd like to trade. You can compare account types here. If you need to, you can open a new account later.
    • What leverage should I select?
      You can select 1:1, 1:5, 1:15, 1:25, 1:30, 1:50, 1:100, 1:200 or, 1:500 leverage on MT4 or MT5. Leverage is virtual credit given to the client by the company, and it modifies your margin requirements, i.e. the higher the ratio, the lower the margin you need to open an order. To choose the right leverage for your account, you can use our Forex calculator. Leverage can be changed later in your Personal Area.
    • Can I open a swap-free (Islamic) account?
      Yes, simply switch on the Islamic option when opening a new trading account. Please note that swap-free accounts do not offer any benefits over regular accounts. There is a fixed fee for using swap-free accounts.
      Commission = pip price * swap value of the currency pair.
      The fee does not count as interest and depends on the direction of the position (i.e. buy or sell).
    • Where can I find your Customer Agreement?
      You can find it here. Please make sure you’ve read and agreed with our Customer Agreement before you start trading.
    • I've opened an account. What do I do next?
      After opening an account, check your email to find your account credentials. The next step is to download and install a trading platform. You can find download links and instructions here. You can also find information on trading in our Education section.
    • What is Personal Area for?
      In your Personal Area, you can open new accounts, manage existing ones, make deposits and request withdrawals, transfer funds between your accounts, claim bonuses, and restore forgotten passwords.
    • How do I sign in to my Personal Area?
      To sign in, please use your registration email address and Personal Area password. You can restore your Personal Area password here if you lose it.
    • I forgot my Personal Area password. How can I restore it?
      Visit our password restore page. Enter your registration email address, and click 'Restore password'. A restoration link will be sent by email. Follow this link, enter a new password twice and click the 'Submit' button. Use your email address and new password to log in.
    • How do I switch between accounts in my Personal Area?
      You can select the account in the drop-down list at the top of the page next to Primary account. You can also do that by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the account number in My accounts list and selecting Switch to this account.
    • How do I change my leverage?
      Click here or click on the leverage number in the Primary account section. Make sure you have no open positions or pending orders before changing this parameter.
    • How do I switch my MT4 account to regular or swap-free?
      Click Yes or No next to 'Swap-Free' in the Account Summary, select whether you would like this account to be swap-free or not, and click 'Change'. Make sure you have no open positions or pending orders before changing this parameter.
    • Where can I find all of my accounts?
      Click Trading Accounts on the right and open 'My Accounts' to see the full list. Here you can view general information including account number, type, currency and balance, switch between accounts, hide or display them on the main page, make deposits, and create withdrawal requests.
    • How can I hide an account I am not using anymore from my accounts list?
      To hide a trading account, sign in to your Personal Area, find its number in 'My Accounts' list, click on the drop-down arrow, and select 'Hide account from the main page'. The account can later be restored in your accounts list.
    • How can I close my Personal Area?
      In order to close your Personal Area, please send a request to [email protected]
    • What is Account Monitoring?
      The Account Monitoring tool has been developed for you to be able to share your performance, charts, profits, orders, and history with others. You can do so by adding your account to Monitoring. You can also use Account Monitoring to view and compare successful traders' statistics and learn from them.
    • How do I add my account to Monitoring?
      Sign in to your Personal Area, select 'My accounts' and Monitoring on the right. Then find the number of the account you would like to add in 'Your available accounts' and click 'Add to monitoring'.
    • How do I remove my account from Monitoring?
      Open Account Monitoring page in your Personal Area, find the number of the account in 'Your monitored accounts' list, and click 'Remove account'.
    • How do I hide my real account balance and positions from Monitoring?
      Open the Account Monitoring page, find the number of the real account in "Your monitored accounts". Click "Visibility setup" and uncheck the required boxes. Click "Save settings" button below to apply the changes.
    • Can I have several Personal Areas?
      The OctaFX Personal Area is designed for you to store all the information about your trading in one place. Please be aware that creating several Personal Areas by using multiple email addresses is prohibited.
    • How do I change my email address?
      Open the My info page in your Personal Area, press Change next to your current email, enter your new address, and press the Change email button. A confirmation link will be sent to both old and new addresses. Follow the link sent to your old email address and the link sent to your new email address to apply the changes.
    • How do I change my phone number?
      Open My personal info page and click 'Change' next to your current phone number.
    • I forgot my trader password. How can I get a new one?
      Please sign in to your Personal Area, click Settings on the right and Restore passwords below. Tick 'Account password' box and select the number of your account from the drop-down menu. Enter ReCaptcha and click 'Submit' button. New trader password will be sent to your email address.
    • How can I change my PIN code?
      In your Personal Area, click Settings and choose Change passwords. Tick the 'OctaFX PIN' box, enter your current OctaFX PIN and the new OctaFX PIN code twice. Click the 'Change' button to apply the changes.
    • How can I set a new Personal Area password?
      To set a new Personal Area password, sign in using your current password, open Settings, select Change passwords on the right, then 'Personal Area password'. Enter your current password into the 'Current' field and new password into 'New' and 'Repeat' fields. Click the 'Change' button to confirm.
    • How can I change my trader password?
      You can change your trader password in your Personal Area. Sign in using your registration email address and Personal Area password. Open the Change passwords page under Settings on the right, check 'Account password', and choose the account number from the drop down menu. Then enter your current trader password in the 'Current' box, followed by a new password into 'New' and 'Repeat'. Select 'Change' to save the new password.
    • I lost my trader password/PIN code. How can I restore it?
      Log in to your Personal Area, then choose Settings to the right side, and select Restore password. Choose the password you would like to restore (OctaFX PIN, account password), enter the ReCaptcha, and click 'Submit'. The new password will be sent to your email address.
    • How can I restore or change my investor password?
      You cannot restore the Investor password. You can set it in your MT4 or MT5. Please follow the steps below:
      1. Select 'Tools' and click 'Options'.
      2. Under the 'Server' tab, select 'Change'.
      3. Insert the current master password in the 'Current Password' text field.
      4. Select 'Change investor password' if it is not marked yet.
      5. Insert the new investor password in the 'New Password' text field.
      6. Re-type the new investor password in the 'Confirm' text field.
    • How can I verify my account?
      We require one document proving your identity: passport, national identity card, or any other government-issued photo ID. Your name, date of birth, signature, photograph, ID issue and expiry dates and the serial number must be clearly visible. The ID must not have expired. The entire document must be photographed. Fragmented, edited, or folded documents will not be accepted.
      If the issuer country differs from the country of your stay, you'll also need to provide your residence permit or any local government-issued ID. The documents can be submitted within your Personal Area or to [email protected]
    • Why should I verify my account?
      Account verification allows us to make sure your information is valid and protect you against fraud. It ensures that your transactions are authorised and secure. We strongly recommend submitting all of the required documents before making your first deposit, especially if you want to deposit with Visa/Mastercard.
      Please note that you can only withdraw funds if your account is verified. Your personal information will be held in the strictest confidence.
    • I have submitted the documents. How long does it take to verify my account?
      It usually takes just a few minutes, but sometimes it may require more time for our Verification Department to review your documents. This may depend on the amount of verification requests, or if it was submitted overnight or at the weekend, and, in these cases, may take up to 12–24 hours. The quality of the documents you submit can also affect approval time, so make sure your document photos are clear and not distorted. Once verification is completed, you will get an email notice.
    • Is my personal information safe with you? How do you protect my personal information?
      We use highly secure technology to protect your personal data and financial transactions. Your Personal Area is SSL-secured and protected with 128-bit encryption to make your browsing safe and your data inaccessible to any third parties. You can read more about data protection in our Privacy Policy.
    • Where are your servers?
      Our trading servers are in London. OctaFX has a wide network of servers and data centres located throughout Europe and Asia that ensures low latency and stable connection.
    • What are your market opening hours?
      MT4 and MT5 trading hours, besides cryptocurrency, are 24/5, starting at 12 a.m. on Monday and closing at 11:59 p.m. on Friday server time (EET/EST). Cryptocurrency pair trading is available to trade 24/7. However, there is server maintenance when trading cryptocurrencies is unavailable from 12:00 a.m to 2:00 a.m. on Saturday and 3:30 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. on Sunday.
    • What are the advantages of trading with OctaFX?
      OctaFX values every customer and does everything possible to make their Forex trading experience with us positive and profitable. It has always been our top priority to provide our clients with high quality services in accordance with international standards and regulation. Our aim is making a trading experience convenient and outstanding, striving to drive Forex trading to a completely new level. OctaFX offers market execution of less than a second, no commission on deposit and withdrawal, lowest spreads in the industry, various deposit and withdrawal methods, negative balance protection, and a wide range of trading tools. Please find out more here.
    • Does OctaFX take part in any CSR programs?
      OctaFX is proud to be a socially responsible company. We are engaged into supporting various foundations and charity programs, making all the efforts possible to help those in need. We believe that it's our responsibility to improve the quality of life of disabled people around the globe. You can learn more on how you can help here at our Charity page.
    • How does OctaFX support sports activities?
      Apart from helping various charity organisations, OctaFX supports sports initiatives across the globe. We’re thrilled to support sports our clients have passion for. That’s why back in 2014, our first sponsorship agreement was signed with Persib Bandung football club, which ended in Persib winning ISL Cup 2014, claiming the right to be called Indonesian Champions. We’ve also supported Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang, which took place in August in Bali, connecting the feeling of riding the waves that surfing and Forex have in common. OctaFX has also sponsored Southampton Football Club, an English Premier League team. You can find out about our current sponsorships here.
    • What is your spread? Do you offer fixed spread?
      We offer floating spreads only. This means our spreads vary according to the market situation.
      Here's why:
      Our goal is to provide you transparent prices and the tightest spreads we can without applying any additional commission. OctaFX simply passes on the best bid/ask price we receive from our liquidity pool and our spread accurately reflects what is available in the market. The main advantage of a floating spread over a fixed spread is that it is often lower than average, however you may expect it to widen at market open, during rollover at (server time), during major news releases or high volatility periods.

      You can check minimum, average, and current spreads for all trading instruments on our Spreads and Conditions page.
    • How does floating spread change throughout the day?
      Floating spread varies throughout the day depending the trading session, liquidity and volatility. It tends to be less tight at market opening on Monday, when high impact news is released, and at other times of high volatility.
    • Do you have requotes?
      No, we do not. A requote occurs when the dealer on the other side of the trade sets an execution delay during which the price changes. As a non-dealing desk broker OctaFX simply offsets all orders with the liquidity providers to be executed at their end.
    • Do you have slippage on your platforms?
      Slippage is a slight execution price movement that may occur due to the lack of liquidity behind the requested price or when it's been taken by other traders' orders. It can also happen due to market gaps. Slippage should be factored in as one of the risks when trading with an ECN broker since it cannot guarantee that your order will be executed at the requested price. However, our system is set up to fill orders at the next best available price whenever slippage occurs. Please be aware that slippage can be both positive and negative, and OctaFX cannot influence this factor.
    • Do you guarantee stop orders?
      Being an ECN broker, OctaFX cannot guarantee filling at the requested rate. After being triggered, a pending order becomes a market one and is filled at the best available price, which primarily depends on the market conditions, available liquidity, trading pattern and volume.
    • Is it possible to lose more than I deposited? What if my account's balance becomes negative?
      No, OctaFX offers negative balance protection, so whenever your balance becomes negative, we automatically adjust it to zero.
    • Negative balance protection
      OctaFX's top priority is making your trading experience great, that’s why no matter what the risks are, we’ll back you up: our risk management system ensures that the client cannot lose more than he initially invested.If your balance becomes negative due to Stop Out, OctaFX will compensate the amount and bring your account balance back to zero. OctaFX guarantees that your risk is limited to only those funds you have deposited into your account. Please be aware that this does not include any debt payments from the client. Thus, our clients are protected from losses beyond the initial deposit at OctaFX's cost. You can read more in our Customer agreement.
    • How much margin is required to open my order?
      It depends on the currency pair, volume, and account leverage. You can use our Trading Calculator to calculate your required margin. When you open a hedge (locked or opposite) position, no additional margin will be required; however, if your free margin is negative, you will not be able to open a hedge order.
    • My order was not executed correctly. What should I do?
      With market execution, we cannot guarantee filling at the requested rate for all of your positions (please check About ECN trading for more details). However, in case you have any doubts, or if you would like an individual review of your orders, you are always welcome to write a detailed complaint and send it to [email protected] Our trade compliance department will investigate your case, provide you with a prompt response, and make corrections to the account if applicable.
    • Do you have any commissions?
      MT4 and MT5 commission is included in our spreads as mark-up. No additional fee is applied. We charge trading commission on MT4. View half-turn commission rates.
    • What trading techniques and strategies can I use?
      Our clients are welcome to use any trading strategies, including but not limited to scalping, hedging, news trading, martingale as well as any Expert Advisers, with the only exception being arbitrage.
    • Do you allow hedging/scalping/news trading?
      OctaFX allows scalping, hedging and other strategies if the orders are placed in accordance with our Customer Agreement. However, please note that arbitrage trading is not allowed.
    • What tools do you have for me to track major news releases and times of high market volatility?
      Please feel free to use our Economic Calendar to be informed about upcoming releases and our Forex News page to learn more about recent market events. You can expect high market volatility when the event with top priority is about to take place.
    • What is a price gap, and how does it affect my orders?
      A price gap signifies the following:
      • current bid price is higher than the ask price of the previous quote
      • or current ask price is lower than the bid of the previous quote
      current bid price is higher than the ask price of the previous quote; or current ask price is lower than the bid of the previous quote. It is important to understand that you may not be always able to see a price gap on the chart since it can be enclosed in a candle. As the definition implies, in some cases you would need to observe the ask price, while the chart shows only the bid price. The following rules are applied to pending orders executed during a price gap:
      • if your Stop Loss is within the price gap, the order will be closed by the first price after the gap
      • if the pending order price and Take Profit level are within the price gap, the order will be cancelled
      • if the Take Profit order price is within the price gap, the order will be executed by its price
      • Buy Stop and Sell Stop pending orders will be executed by the first price after the price gap. Buy Limit and Sell Limit pending orders will be executed by the order’s price.
      For example: bid is listed as 1.09004 and ask is 1.0900. In the next tick, bid is 1.09012 and ask is 1.0902:
      • if your Sell order has stop loss level at 1.09005, the order will be closed at 1.0902
      • if your Take Profit level is 1.09005, the order will be closed at 1.0900
      • if your Buy Stop order price is 1.09002 with take profit at 1.09022, the order will be cancelled
      • if your Buy Stop price is 1.09005, the order will be opened at 1.0902
      • if your Buy Limit price is 1.09005, the order will be opened at 1.0900.
    • What happens if I leave my order open overnight?
      It depends on your account type. If you have an OctaFX MT4 regular account, swap will be applied to all positions left open overnight (server time). If your OctaFX MT4 account is swap-free, swap-free commission will be applied overnight instead. OctaFX MT5 accounts are completely swap free. You can use this tool to examine our fees.
    • Can I trade cryptocurrency at OctaFX?
      Yes, you can trade cryptocurrency pairs at OctaFX. You can trade bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. Learn more about trading cryptocurrencies with us.
    • Can I trade commodities at OctaFX?
      Yes, enjoy the benefits of trading gold, silver, crude oil, and other commodities with OctaFX. See more.
    • What are commodities?
      Сommodities are tradeable physical assets such as metals including gold, silver, platinum and copper, as well as crude oil, natural gas and other resources.
    • What types of accounts do you offer?
      OctaFX offers a wide range of trading accounts suitable for any trading strategy and any level of your trading experience. Both real and demo accounts are available on two trading platforms—MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. You can compare accounts and chose the one fitting your individual requirements here.
    • Do you offer demo accounts?
      Yes, you can open as many demo accounts as you want in your Personal Area to practise and test your strategies. You can also win real funds by participating in the OctaFX Champion demo contest.
    • How do I open a demo account?
      Log in to your Personal Area, select Trading Accounts, and press Open Demo Account. Then select your preferred trading platform and press Open Account. Demo accounts emulate real market conditions and prices and can be used to practice, get familiar with the platform, and test your strategy risk-free.
    • How do I top up my demo account balance?
      Switch to your demo account in the Personal Area and click Top up demo account at the top of the page.
    • Do you deactivate demo accounts?
      Yes, we do, but only if they go inactive and you do not log into them.
      Expiration time of demo accounts:
      • MetaTrader 4—8 days
      • MetaTrader 5—30 days
      • Demo contest account—immediately upon the end of the contest round.
    • Do you deactivate real accounts?
      Yes, we do, but only if you never added money to them and do not log into them.
      Expiration time of real accounts:
      • MetaTrader 4—30 days
      • MetaTrader 5—14 days.

      You can create a new account at any time—its free.
    • Can I have multiple accounts?
      We do not limit the number of demo accounts you can open. However, please note that you cannot create more than two real accounts unless at least one of them is used for trading. In other words, you can only open a third account if you perform at least one deposit and/or complete a trade using one of the existing accounts.
    • What account currencies do you offer?
      As an OctaFX client, you can open USD or EUR accounts. Please be aware that you can deposit these accounts in any currency, and your deposit will be converted into the currency of your choice with the currency rate set by a payment system. If you deposit USD to your EUR account or vice versa, the funds will be converted using the current EURUSD rate.
    • Can I change my account currency?
      Unfortunately, you cannot change your account currency, but you can always open new trading account in your Personal Area.
    • Where can I find the access data?
      All access data including account number and trader password are sent by email after the account is opened. If you lose the email, you can restore your access data in your Personal Area.
    • Where can I download my account statement?
      You can download your account statement in the Personal Area: find your account in 'My accounts' list, click drop down arrow and select 'Trades History'. Select the dates and click on 'CSV' or 'HTML' button depending on the file format you require.
    • What trading platforms do you offer?
      We offer two very well-known trading platforms: MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. You can open both demo and real accounts on all the platforms we offer. All platforms are available for PC, via web browser and as a mobile applications in AppStore and on Google Play. You can compare them here.
    • Can I use MT4/MT5 EAs or Indicators in cTrader?
      It is not possible to use MT4/MT5 EAs (Expert Advisors) and Indicators in cTrader. However, it is possible to convert your MQL EA or Indicator code to C# by following the link. It is also available in your cTrader under the "Links" tab.
    • Can I use my account on another platform?
      You cannot log in to an account designed for one platform on another platform. For example, you cannot log in to MT5 with an MT4 account and vice versa.
    • Can I run several accounts simultaneously?
      Yes, you can. You can log in to to several MT4/MT5 accounts simultaneously if you install several instances of MT4/MT5.
    • Can I trade with my Android/iOS device?
      Yes, you can install MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 on your device. Visit our platforms page to find detailed instructions on how you can download MT4 and MT5 to your iOS/Android device.
    • Do you have a web-based platform?
      Yes, you can log into MT4 or MT5 on our dedicated page. This allows you to trade from any browser on any operating system using the well-known interface of the desktop MetaTrader 4 platform. All major tools are available including one-click trading and chart trading.
    • How do I log into MetaTrader 4 with my account?
      Open MT4, then click 'File'—'Log in with trading account'. In the pop-up window, enter your account number, trader password, and select 'OctaFX-Real' for real accounts or 'OctaFX-Demo' if you login with a demo account.
    • How do I open an order?
      To bring up the 'New Order' window you can:
      • press F9 on your keyboard
      • right-click a symbol in the Market Watch window and select 'New Order' from the pop-up menu
      • right-click on the open chart and select 'New order'
      • click on the 'New Order' button in the toolbar.
      In the pop-up window, please select the symbol from the drop-down list, set the volume of the order in lots, set Stop Loss or Take Profit level, and select the type of your order.
      If you choose 'Market execution', simply click 'Buy' or 'Sell' below to open the position at the current market rate.
      If you'd like to open a pending order, select it as the order type. Next, choose its type (i.e. Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Buy Stop or Sell Stop), and specify the price at which it will be triggered. Click the Place button to submit the order.
      To specify Stop Loss or Take Profit level, click the up or down arrow to fill in the current price and and adjust it to your Stop Loss or Take Profit price.
      As soon as the position has been opened, it will appear in the Trade tab.
      MT4 also allows you to open and close positions with one click. To enable One-Click trading, select Options from the Tools menu. In the Options window, open the Trade tab, tick 'One-Click Trading', and click OK to apply the changes.
      With one-click trading you can perform trading operations on the chart. To enable One-Click Trading panel, right-click the chart and tick One-Click-Trading in the context menu. The panel can be used to place market orders with specified volumes.
      You can also place a pending order from Trading submenu of the chart's context menu. Right click on the necessary price level on the chart and select the type of pending order you would like to open. Available pending order types at this price level will be displayed in the menu.
    • What order types are available in MT4?
      Market orders and pending orders.

      Market orders are executed at the current market price.
      Pending orders are automated and may differ, depending on the conditions you set:
      • Buy Limit triggers a Buy order at a price below the current ask price
      • Sell Limit triggers a Sell order at a price above the current bid price
      • Buy Stop opens a Buy order when the price reaches the pre-defined level above the current ask price
      • Sell Stop opens a Sell order when the bid price reaches the order level below the current bid price.
    • How do I set Stop Loss and Take Profit?
      To modify a position, please double click 'Stop Loss' or 'Take Profit' field of the position line in the Trade tab. Alternatively, you can right click the position line and select 'Modify order'. Then simply set the Stop Loss or Take Profit level and click 'Modify' button below. Please consider the following peculiarities for:
      • Sell order: Stop Loss should be above current ask price, and Take Profit below the current ask price
      • Buy order: Stop Loss should be below current bid price, and Take Profit above the current bid price.
      Note that each trading instrument has a certain stop level, so if the Stop Loss or Take Profit level is too close to the current price, you will not be able to modify the position. You can check minimum Stop Loss and Take Profit distance by right-clicking a trading instrument in the Market Watch window and selecting Symbols from the context menu. Select the required trading instrument in the pop-up window and click the Properties button. You can also modify your order from the chart. To do so, enable the "Show trade levels" option in your terminal settings. Then click on a position level and drag it up (to set Take Profit for Buy positions or Stop Loss for Sell positions) or down (Stop Loss for Buy or Take Profit for sell).
    • How do I close an order?
      Find the order in the 'Trade' tab, right-click it, and select 'Close order'. In the pop-up window, click the 'Close order' button. You can also close a position by an opposite one. Double-click the position line in the Trade tab, then select 'Close by' in the Type field. The list of opposite positions will appear below. Select one of them from the list and click the 'Close' button. If you have more than two opposite positions, you can select 'Multiple close by' in the type field. This operation will close open positions in pairs.
    • Where can I see my trading history?
      All of your closed orders are available in the 'Account history' tab. You can also create an account statement here by right-clicking any entry and selecting 'Save as detailed report'. You can also find your trading history in your Personal Area.
    • How do I open a new chart?
      Right-click the required currency pair in the Market Watch window and select 'New chart' or simply drag and drop it to the currently open one. You can also select 'New Chart' from the File menu or click New Chart button on the toolbar.
    • Where do I change chart settings?
      Right-click the chart and select 'Properties'. The Properties window has two tabs: Colours and Common. Chart elements are listed on the right side of the colour tab, each with its own drop-down colour box. You can mouse over any colour sample to view its name and click to select one of preset colours. In the common tab, you can select type of chart and enable such features as Volume, Grid, and Ask Line. You can also change chart type by clicking on the desired icon to apply bar, candlestick, or line price data. To change periodicity, click on the Periods icon or select the desired timeframe from the toolbar.
    • Why am I unable to open a position?
      First of all, please make sure you have successfully logged in with your trading account. Connection status in the right lower corner will indicate whether you are connected with our server or not. If you are unable to open a 'New Order' window and the 'New Order' button in the toolbar is inactive, then you logged in with your investor password and should log in again with your trader password instead. An 'Invalid SL/TP' message means the Stop Loss or Take Profit levels you set up are incorrect. 'Not enough money' message means your free margin is not sufficient to open an order. You can check the required margin for any position using this tool.
    • I can see only few currency pairs in MT4?
      To see all the available trading tools, go to your MT4 terminal, right-click on any pair in the 'Market Watch' window, and select 'Show all'. Press CTRL + U to enable trading tools manually.
    • What are your stop levels?
      Each trading tool has its own stop levels (limits). You can check the stop level for a specific currency pair by right-clicking on it in 'Market Watch' and selecting 'Specification'. Please note that OctaFX has five-digit pricing, so the distance is shown in points. For instance, the EURUSD minimal distance is shown as 20 points, which equals 2 pips.
    • What do I do if I see "Waiting for Update" on the chart?
      Open the 'Market Watch' window, left-lick and hold down the mouse button on the preferred pair. Drag the chosen pair onto the chart indicating 'Waiting for Update'. Release the mouse button. This will automatically update the chart.
    • Why is the "New Order" button grey?
      It means that you have logged into your account using your investor password. That limits your access to the charts, technical analysis, and Expert Advisors. You are not able to trade if you log in to your account with your investor password. In order to start trading, you have to log in with your trader password.
    • Why do I see "Invalid account" in the connection status?
      An 'Invalid account' error indicates that you have entered incorrect login details. Please make sure that:
      • you entered the account number
      • you used the correct password
      • you chose the correct server: 'OctaFX-Real' for real accounts and 'OctaFX-Demo' for demo accounts
      If you've lost your trader password, you can restore it in your Personal Area.
    • Why do I see "No Connection" in the connection status?
      No Connection indicates that you failed to connect to our server. You should do the following:
      • Click on the bottom right corner of MT4 where it is showing No Connection and select 'Re-scan servers', or select the server with the lowest ping
      • If the server does not respond, close MT4 and restart it again using 'Run as Administrator' mode
      • Check your Firewall settings and add MT4 to the 'allowed programs' or 'exceptions' list.
      If this doesn't work, please contact our Customer Support.
    • Do you provide EAs or Indicators? Where can I download them?
      OctaFX does not provide or recommend any expert advisors (EAs) or indicators. However, you can download indicators for MetaTrader4 on the MQLSource Code Library. It is also possible to download Indicators and EAs from other sources.
    • How do I log into MetaTrader 5 with my account?
      Open MT5, then click 'File'—'Login with trading account'. In the pop-up window, enter your account number, trader password, and select 'OctaFX-Real' for real accounts or 'OctaFX-Demo' if you want to log in with a demo account.
    • Why can't I log in?
      Check the last entry in the 'Journal' tab to find out the exact reason: 'Invalid account' means that some of the credentials you entered upon login are incorrect—it could be account number, password or the trading server. Double check your access data and try to sign in again. 'No connection to OctaFX-Real' or 'No connection to OctaFX-Demo' indicates that your terminal is unable to establish a connection with the nearest access point. Check if your internet is working, then click on the connection status, and select 'Network rescan'. If the issue persists, please get in touch with our customer service.
    • How do I open an order?
      Press F9 on your keyboard or click the 'New Order' button from the standard toolbar. Alternatively, you can right-click on an instrument in the Market Watch and select 'New Order' from the context menu. In the 'New Order' section, you'll be asked to select the symbol you wat to trade, type of order, and volume. Having set all necessary parameters, click the 'Buy' or 'Sell' button below, depending on the direction you want. Go to ToolsсOptions → Trade. Here you can enable one-click trading, allowing you to open positions with pre-selected parameters directly on the chart. To activate the One-Click Trading panel, open a chart of the instrument you're trading and press ALT+T on your keyboard. The One Click Trading panel is also available in the 'Trading' tab of the Market Watch.
    • What order types are available in MT5?
      MT5 offers several order types: Market order—an order to open a position at the current market rate. A market order can be placed via the 'New Order' window or One-Click-Trading panel. Pending order—an order to open a position once the price reaches a certain predefined level. The following pending order types are available in MT5: Limit orders are placed below the current bid (for long positions) or above the current ask (for short orders). Stop orders are placed above the current bid (for buy orders) or below the current ask (for sell orders). In order to place a stop or a limit pending order, you need to select 'Pending Order' in the 'New Order' window, specify its type and direction (i.e. Sell Limit, Sell Stop, Buy Limit, Buy Stop), the price it should be triggered at, volume and any other parameters if required. Alternatively, you can right click on the desired level on the chart and select the type of pending order you would like to open. The order will appear in the “Trade” tab under the account balance, equity and free margin. A Stop Limit order is a combination of previously described types. It is a pending order which becomes a Buy Limit or Sell Limit once the price reaches your stop level. In order to place it, you need to select 'Buy Stop Limit' or 'Sell Stop Limit' type in the New Order window. Then simply set the 'Price' or the 'Stop price' (the level at which the limit order will be placed) and the 'Stop Limit price' (the order price for your limit level). For short positions, the Stop price should be below the current bid and the Stop Limit price should be above the Stop price, while in order to open a Long position you need to set the Stop price above the current ask and the Stop Limit price below the Stop price. When placing a pending order, it is important to take into account that each trading instrument has a certain Stop level, i.e. the distance from the current market price at which a pending order can be placed. To check the level, find the trading tool you want in Market Watch, right-click it and select 'Specifications'.
    • How to set Stop Loss or Take Profit?
      Find the position you would like to set a Stop Loss or a Take Profit on, right-click on it and select 'Modify or delete' from the context menu. In the pop-up window, set the desired level of your order. Keep in mind that for a short position you can set a Stop Loss above and a Take Profit below the current ask price, while when modifying a long position you should place the Stop Loss below and Take Profit above the current bid.
    • How to close a position?
      Find the positions you want to close in the 'Trade' tab, right-click it and select 'Close position'. Depending on whether One-Click-Trading is enabled, it will either be closed right away at the current rate, or a Position window will appear, where you will be required to confirm the instruction by clicking 'Close' button.
    • Why am I unable to open a position?
      If you are unable to open a 'New Order' window and 'New Order' button on the toolbar is inactive, you have signed in with your investor (read only) password. In order to trade, please use the trader password when you log in. Inactive 'Sell' and 'Buy' buttons in the 'New Order' window indicate that the volume you specified is invalid. Please bear in mind that minimum volume is 0.01 lot, and step is 0.01 lot. A 'Not enough money' error message means that your free margin is not sufficient to open the order. You may need to adjust the volume or deposit to your account. A 'Market is closed' error means that you're trying to open a position outside the instrument's trading hours. You can check the schedule in the symbol “Specifications” or on our website.
    • How can I check my trading history?
      You can find all closed positions in the 'Account history' tab. The trading history is comprised of orders (i.e. the instructions you send) and deals (the actual transactions). From the context menu, you can select which operations should be displayed (orders, deals or deals and order or positions), and filter them by symbol and period.
    • How can I add an EA or a Custom Indicator to MT5?
      If you have downloaded an EA or Indicator you need to go to File>Open data folder>MQL5 and copy the .ex5 file into 'Experts' or 'Indicators' folder. Your EA or Indicator will appear in the 'Navigator' window. Alternatively, you can download and add it in the 'Market' tab right from the platform.
    • How can I open a chart?
      In order to open a chart, you can simply drag and drop a trading tool from 'Market Watch' to the chart window. Alternatively, you can right-click a symbol and select 'New chart'.
    • How can I customise a chart?
      You can change periodicity, scale and switch between chart types on the standard toolbar. If you would like to change colours, add or remove Bid and Ask lines, Volumes or Grid, right-click the chart and select 'Properties' from the context menu.
    • How can I add an indicator to a chart?
      Find your indicator in the Navigator window and drop it to the chart. Modify its parameters in the pop-up window if required and click 'OK' to apply the changes.
    • How can I launch an EA?
      Drag and drop your EA from the 'Navigator'. Set the parameters if required in the expert window and click 'OK' to apply the changes.
    • What deposit bonus do you offer?
      You can claim 10%, 30%, or 50% bonus on each deposit.
    • How can I claim the bonus?
      To claim the bonus, you need to make a deposit. Then either activate it manually in your Personal Area or check that you want to apply bonuses automatically on every deposit—on a dedicated Settings page.
    • Does the bonus support my margin on MT4/MT5?
      Yes, bonus funds are a part of your equity and free margin. Bonus supports your margin, but please note that you need to maintain your equity above the bonus amount, otherwise it will be cancelled.
    • Does the bonus support my margin on cTrader?
      Yes, bonus funds are a part of your equity and free margin. Bonus supports your margin, but please note that your active bonus cannot be higher than your personal funds amount. cTrader bonus amount is divided into two parts: total bonus and active bonus. The active bonus amount (i.e. the amount included in your equity) cannot exceed your personal funds. In case the market goes against you, after a certain point the active bonus amount starts fluctuating depending on the quantity of real, not bonus, funds you have in your equity.
    • Can I withdraw the bonus?
      You can withdraw the bonus after completing our volume requirement, which is calculated as follows: bonus amount/2 standard lots, i.e. if you claim 50% bonus on 100 USD deposit, the volume requirement will be 25 standard lots.
    • Why am I unable to claim the bonus?
      Please make sure your free margin exceeds the bonus amount.
    • How can I check how many lots are left?
      You can check the completed percentage and the remaining volume for each bonus in the Personal Area on the Active bonuses page.
    • Can I claim a bonus on my new deposit if I have not completed the volume requirement for the previous one?
      Yes, you can. Volume calculation starts from the first bonus and continues consecutively, so after you complete the requirement for the first bonus, the volume for the next one will begin.
    • Where can I see my bonus(es) in MT4 and MT5?
      The total amount of bonus funds is shown as "Credit" in your trading platform until you meet the volume requirements.
    • Where can I see my bonus(es) in cTrader?
      You can check your bonuses in the "Bonus" tab in cTrader.
    • Why was my MT4/MT5 bonus cancelled?
      The bonus can be cancelled if:
      • Your equity falls below the bonus amount
      • Your personal funds are below the bonus amount after withdrawal or internal transfer
      • You cancelled the bonus in your Personal Area.
      You can get in touch with our Customer Service to specify the exact reason.
    • Why was my cTrader bonus cancelled?
      The bonus can be cancelled if:
      • Your personal funds are below the bonus amount after withdrawal or internal transfer;
      • You cancelled the bonus in your Personal Area.
      You can get in touch with our Customer Service to specify the exact reason.
    • How can I participate?
      You should sign up or log in to your Personal Area on OctaFX, then open the Menu on the right and click open Champion Demo Contest account.
    • When does the next round start?
      You can find the start date of the next round at the top of the Champion Demo Contest page.
    • My contest account is disabled. Why couldn't I join the contest and start trading?
      You can enter the MT4 trading platform using the contest login and password only AFTER the round has begun. First of all, сheck you’re trying to enter the right trading platform. The Champion Demo Contest is only available on MT4. Then check if the contest round is Active. You can find this information on the main page of your Personal Area.

      You can see the statuses Not yet started, Active or Finished in the same rows as the MT4 contest accounts. You can log in to the MT4 trading platform and start trading only if the contest account is marked as Active.
    • What is a trading platform, and which platform I should use for trading?
      You have to download and install the MT4 trading platform or use the browser version. Do not confuse it with MT5! This is a different platform and you will not be able to log in and use it to trade in the competition.
    • Where can I find my contest rank?
      You can find your contest rank in the My Accounts list on the main page of your Personal Area.

      Note that your current rank will only appear in the contest account row marked as Active. By clicking on the Rank link, you can see your personal contest page with detailed information (rank, trades, profit or loss, rank changes, achievements, and so on).
    • Can I join the contest right away after sign up?
      You can’t join the ongoing round, however, you can join the next contest round; You can find the start date of the next round at the top of the Champion Demo Contest page.
    • A round starts tomorrow. Why can’t I log into MT4 trading platform?
      You can log into the MT4 trading platform and start trading only when the round has already begun. Note that this happens according to server time, not your local time. Server time is EEST.
    • What are the prizes?
      • 1st place gets 500 USD
      • 2nd place gets 300 USD
      • 3rd place gets 100 USD
      • 4th place gets 60 USD
      • 5th place gets 40 USD
    • What is the duration of each round?
      Contest round length is four weeks from start to finish.
    • When does the current round end?
      You can find the end date of the current round under the Current Round tab of the Champion Demo Contest page.
    • When does registration begin, and how long does it last?
      Registration for each contest is announced prior to its start. Registration for the next round begins at the same time the current round starts. You cannot register to join the current round, just the next one. The registration period is four weeks.
    • Who can participate in the contest?
      During the registration period anyone above the right legal age can register for the contest.
    • What is an avatar? Why should I upload it?
      It’s an image for your personal contest page and round statistics. You can use any image you want or a photo of yourself. Please do not upload your ID or any other legal document.
    • I can’t enter my nickname in the registration form, what’s wrong?
      Maybe that nickname is already taken. Please choose another nickname. This issue can also arise because you’re not using Latin letters. Please change the language to English and try to enter it again.
    • What’s an initial deposit?
      It’s virtual money in your contest account that OctaFX provides. You don’t need to deposit any real funds to participate in the demo contest.
    • Can I withdraw money from my contest account?
      The funds in your contest account are virtual, so you can’t withdraw them.
    • Where can I download the MT4 platform?
      You can find the latest version of the MT4 platform in the Download Centre.
    • What server should I use for the contest?
      You should use the OctaFX-Demo server.
    • How do I win?
      To win one of the prizes, you should have the highest balance when the contest round ends—the gain percentage does not influence winning.
    • What trading techniques are allowed?
      You can use any trading techniques and cBots. But any kind of arbitrage trading or any other abuse with pricing and/or quotes will be subject to disqualification from the contest.
    • Are hedging or reverse trading strategies allowed?
      Yes, you can use these strategies.
    • Where can I see contest ratings and check the current round leaders?
      You can find the current round standings here.
    • Where can I see previous rounds results?
      You can see previous rounds winners and statistics in the archive.
    • Should I download MT4 or I can use the browser version of this platform too?
    • Can I trade from my smartphone?
      Yes, you can use the MT4 mobile app. You can find it in our Download Centre .
    • Can I use my contest account in another rounds or contests?
      You can’t use your contest account for multiple contest rounds.You have to open a new Champion Demo Contest account for each round.
    • Can I participate in the contest if my OctaFX account is not verified?
      Yes, you can open a Champion Demo Contest account even if your OctaFX account is not verified.
    • What password should I use for trading on MT4?
      You should use your Trader password, not your Investor one.
    • How can I find contest stats for another contestant?
      If you know his or her nickname, you can use search under the Current Round tab on the Champion Demo Contest page.
    • How can I find the last contestant?
      Just use the navigation at the bottom of the Current Leaders table on the Champion Demo Contest page.
    • Can I change my contest nickname?
      No, you currently cannot change it.
    • Can I withdraw the prize if I win?
      Yes, you can. You are free to withdraw the prize or make more money from trading on your real account. In case prize funds are used for real trading, the withdrawal limit is 300% of the prize funds (including both the prize funds and profit).
    • How quickly will I receive the prize money?
      Usually, it takes from a couple of days to a week. To get your prize, you’ll need to answer a couple of questions for site news and provide us with your real account information—tell your real account number to transfer the prize money. The account must be verified, and can be an OctaFX MT4 or OctaFX MT5 account.
    • What are the trading conditions?
      Each contest account has the same trading conditions, which are: 28 currency pairs + Gold and Silver available for trading, minimal volume is 0.01 lot, maximum is not limited, initial deposit is 1,000 USD, leverage is 1:500.
    • How can I deposit to my account?
      You can find all available deposit means here. To make a deposit, please log in to your Personal Area, switch to the account you would like to deposit at the top of the page and select the payment system you would like to use under the Deposit my account section on the right. Then enter the amount you want to deposit and click "Continue". Fill in other information if required and click "Confirm".
    • When will the deposited funds be credited to my balance?
      Bank-wire transfers: All requests are processed within 1-3 hours during business hours of our Financial Department. Skrill/Neteller/FasaPay/Bank Card/Bitcoin deposits: instant.
    • What is the exchange rate for USD to EUR when depositing via credit card/Skrill to a EUR account/Internal transfer?
      OctaFX does everything possible to ensure our clients have the best rates while depositing. We also don’t charge any commission, and cover deposit and withdrawal fees applied by payment systems. When depositing via VISA or Mastercard, be aware the bank involved in the process will convert your funds according to its exchange rate, if your deposit is in a currency other than EUR or USD. Note that the bank involved in the process may also charge additional fees for the transactions. If a client deposits via Skrill, they pay no extra fees if their Skrill account and trading account are in USD. If the client’s Skrill account is in USD and their trading account is in EUR, the deposit in USD will be converted to EUR as per FX rate. If a client’s Skrill account is in currency other than USD, Skrill will convert the money into USD using their own exchange rate and may charge additional fees. The process of depositing via Neteller is the same as for Skrill.
    • Are my funds safe? Do you offer segregated accounts?
      In accordance with international regulation standards, OctaFX uses separate accounts to keep customers' funds segregated from the company's balance sheets. This keeps your funds secure and untouched.
    • I have submitted a withdrawal request. When will I receive the funds?
      All requests are processed within 1-3 hours during the working hours of our Financial Department, otherwise the request will be processed on the next business day. You will receive a notification email as soon as your request is processed.
    • Do you charge any fees for deposits and withdrawals?
      OctaFX does not charge its clients any fees. Moreover, deposit and withdrawal fees applied by third parties (e.g. Skrill, Neteller, etc) are also covered by OctaFX. However please be aware that some fees can may be applied in certain cases.
    • What is the maximum amount for withdrawals/ deposits?
      OctaFX does not limit the amount you can withdraw or deposit into your account. The deposit amount is unlimited, and the withdrawal amount should not exceed free margin.
    • Can I deposit/withdraw several times a day?
      OctaFX does not limit the number of deposits and withdrawal requests per day. However, it is advised to deposit and withdraw all of the funds in one request to avoid unnecessary delays in processing.
    • Can I submit a withdrawal request if I have open orders/positions?
      You can submit a withdrawal request if you have open orders/positions. Please note that free margin has to exceed the amount you requested, otherwise the request will be rejected. The withdrawal request won’t be processed if you have insufficient funds.
    • Which currencies can I use to fund my OctaFX account?
      OctaFX currently accepts deposits in all currencies, to be converted into EUR and USD. Please note that account currency cannot be changed to currencies other than USD or EUR. If your account is in EUR you can always open a new account in USD, and vice versa. Please note that we don’t charge any commission for deposits or withdrawals, as well as keeping our conversion rates among the best in the industry.
    • Where can I review my deposit/withdrawal history?
      You can find all previous deposits in your Personal Area. Click Deposits history under "Deposit my account" section. Withdrawal history is available in your Personal Area under the "Withdraw" option on the right.
    • How can I withdraw my funds?
      Please sign in to your Personal Area, switch to the account you would like to withdraw the funds from and click request withdrawal in the "Withdraw" section on the right. Enter the amount you would like to request and the other required information. Click "Request", check the information is correct, then click the "Confirm" button below. Note that your free margin must exceed the withdrawal amount otherwise our Financial department will not be able to process your request. It is especially important to keep track of your free margin when you have open positions.
    • My withdrawal request status is pending. What does that mean?
      Your withdrawal request is in the queue, and you will be notified as soon as it is processed by our Financial Department.
    • Why was my withdrawal rejected?
      There may not have been enough free margin to process your withdrawal, or some of the data could have been incorrect. You can check the exact reason in the notification sent via email.
    • Can I cancel my withdrawal request?
      Yes, you can cancel a withdrawal request in My withdrawal history.
    • My withdrawal was processed but I have not received the funds yet. What should I do?
      Please get in touch with customer service.
    • Can I transfer the funds between my real accounts?
      Yes, you can create an internal transfer request in your Personal Area.
      1. Press ≡ to view the right-hand menu.
      2. View the Internal transfer section.
      3. Select the account you would like to transfer the funds from.
      4. Enter the amount.
      5. Choose the account you would like to transfer the funds to.
      6. Enter your OctaFX PIN.
      7. Press Submit Request below.
      8. And finally, check everything is correct and confirm your request.
    • Is internal transfer instant?
      Internal transfers are processed automatically, unless they require manual processing by the Financial Department for security reasons. In that case your request will be processed within 1-3 hours in during the office hours of our Financial Department.
    • Do you change any fees for internal transfers?
      No fees apply on internal transfers. If you transfer the funds from USD to EUR account or vice versa, they will be converted by the current market quote.
    • Can I claim a deposit bonus on an internal transfer?
      No, you can only claim the Bonus on deposits.
    • Who is IB?
      IB stands for "Introducing broker" - a person or a company that refers clients to OctaFX and receives commission for their trading.
    • How do I open a partner account?
    • What is your IB commission?
      We pay up to 12 USD per lot.The amount of IB commission payed is determined on a case by case basis.
    • What does "Active client" mean?
      "Active client" denotes a client account which has cumulative personal funds of 100 or more USD in all their accounts, AND has at least five valid orders closed within the last 30 days before the current date.
    • What is a "Valid order" in the IB program?
      IB commission is paid for valid orders only. A valid order is a trade compliant with ALL the following conditions:
      • The trade lasted for 180 or more seconds;
      • The difference between the open price and close price of the order equals or more than 30 points (pips in 4-digit precision terms);
      • The order was not opened or closed by means of partial close and/or multiple close by.
    • How often is commission credited to my account?
      IB commission is credited to the partner account on a daily basis.
    • Where can I find promo materials?
      You can obtain promo materials by contacting us at [email protected]
    • How do I attract clients?
      You can promote your referral link and referral code on Forex-related websites and forums, in social media or even create your own website promoting our services.
    • What is a trading signal?
      A trading signal is a suggestion to buy or sell a certain instrument based on chart analysis. The main idea behind the analysis is that certain recurring patterns serve as an indication of the further price direction.
    • What is Autochartist?
      Autochartist is a powerful market scanning tool offering technical analysis across multiple asset classes. With over a thousand trading signals a month, it allows both novice and professional traders to get significant time-saving benefits by having Autochartist continuously scan the market for fresh, high-quality trading opportunities.
    • How does Autochartist work?
      Autochartist scans the market 24/5 searching for the following patterns:
      • Triangles
      • Channels and Rectangles
      • Wedges
      • Head and Shoulders
      In the beginning of each trading session Autochartist compiles an email report with predictions for the most popular trading instruments.
    • What is Market Report?
      Market Report is a technical analysis based price prediction delivered straight to your inbox up to 3 times a day. It allows you to adjust your trading strategy in the beginning of each trading session depending on where the market is expected to go.
    • How often are the reports sent out?
      Autochartist market reports are sent out 3 time a day, in the beginning of each trading session:
      • Asian session - 00:00 EET
      • European session - 08:00 EET
      • American session - 13:00 EET
    • How can Autochartist report benefit my trading?
      Autochartist Market Reports is a convenient way to identify trading opportunities with no time or effort required - all you need to do is to check your email and decide which instruments you are going to trade today. Moreover, it offers time saving benefits in analysing the market. Based on known and trusted technical analysis theories and estimated to be up to 80% correct, Autochartist allows you to boost your profits and avoid missing out on trading opportunities.
    • What are prize lots and how are they calculated?
      Prize lots are calculated as follows: For OctaFX MT4 and OctaFX MT5 accounts 1 traded lot equals 1 prize lot. Prize lots are calculated for closed orders only.
    • Should my trades be profitable to receive prize lots?
      No, prize lots are credited for both profitable and losing trades.
    • How many lots do I have?
      You can check it in your personal area under Prize lots icon. If you don't see prize lots, please mind that they are recalculated every 10 minutes.
    • I am trading but don't see prize lots on my balance.
      You might be having less than 1 prize lot or your trades are not closed yet. Prize lots are only credited for closed orders. Please also mind that they are recalculated every 10 minutes.
    • When will my prize lots expire?
      There is no expiration date for prize lots.
    • Сan I withdraw prize lots or add them to my balance?
      You can only use prize lots to exchange them for gadgets and merchandise.
    • Do these prize lots affect my deposit bonus lots?
      Prize lots don't affect your deposit bonus lots in any way.
    • The pin is required on checkout. What PIN is that?
      This is the same PIN that you use for withdrawals. You might find in the email with login/account number that we sent to your email address when you opened your first account with OctaFX. In case you cannot access the email, you are able to restore the PIN in your personal area.
    • What address should I use for delivery? Can it be different from the one on my account profile?
      You can use your current address that you wish prizes should be delivered to. It can be your home or office address.
    • Are gifts delivered for free?
      Yes, OctaFX covers all the delivery costs.
    • Can I change my order?
      Unfortunately, you cannot change your order since it's been made. Please, address our Customer Support.
    • Can I order the same gift twice?
      You cannot order the same gift twice, however you can collect prize lots and order another gift of your choice.
    • How long does it take for my gift to arrive?
      It usually takes from 1 to 3 weeks for gift to arrive. You can also track your order status in "Order history" tab in Trade&Win shop.
    • It's been more than 2 weeks since I ordered the gift. Where is it?
      Please, use tracking code to track your order. It's available in Personal area. Go to Trade&Win shop and click "Order history" to see tracking codes and order statuses.
    • Can I track my order?
      Yes. Tracking is available in Personal area. Go to Trade&Win shop and click "Order history" to see tracking codes and order statuses.
    • Can I order gifts free of charge?
      Sure, all orders in Trade&Win promo are made free of charge.
    • Can I share photos of my gift?
      You can share the photos of your gift across all SMM channels using #TradeAndWin hashtag. If your photo is the best we will grant you 25 prize lots as a bonus.
    • How to participate in #TradeAndWin 25 lots raffle?
      Share the photos of your gift using #TradeAndWin hashtag. If your photo is the best we will grant you 25 prize lots as a bonus.
    • I ordered a gift and it looks different. Why?
      Please mind that images used in marketing materials are not necessarily representative of actual gifts. Actual gifts may vary.
    • How can I join Trade & Win program?
      Just trade on any of your real accounts and start receiving prize lots for every closed order. You are only eligible to take part in this promotion if you are a resident of Indonesia, Malaysia,Thailand, Pakistan and India.
    • What countries are eligible to take part in this promotion?
      The Promotion is open to OctaFX customers in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan and India aged 18 or over at the time of entry.
    • Does the scope of gifts in Trade & Win depend on my status?
      Yes, it does:
      Silver status holders can additionally claim AirPods and Apple Watch.
      Gold status holders can additionally claim MacBook Air and iPhone XR, as well as the Silver status gifts.
      Platinum status holders can claim MacBook Pro and iPad Pro, as well as the Gold and Silver status gifts.
    • How does a faster accumulation of prize lots in Trade & Win work?
      You get more prize lots for trading one lot depending on your status:
      Silver—1.25 prize lots for one lot traded
      Gold—1.5 prize lots for one lot traded
      Platinum—2 prize lots for one lot traded.
    • How do I choose Master Traders to copy?
      A Master Trader’s stats include gain and number of copiers, commission, trading pairs the Master uses, profit factor, and other statistical data that you can review before making your decision to copy someone. Before copying starts, you set a deposit percentage and choose the amount of funds to invest with a particular Master Trader.
    • How does copying work in terms of volume and leverage differences?
      In some cases, the equity and leverage of Master Traders and Copiers may differ. For instance, a Master Trader may have their leverage set to 1:200 while a Copier has their leverage set to 1:100. When this occurs, we scale the order volume. You can find a breakdown of the formula in the question below.
    • What is the formula used to determine the scaling of an order?
      When a Copier and a Master Trader have different equity or leverage, we calculate the scale as follows:

      Ec/Em × Lc/Lm × Vm = Vc

      Ec = Equity of the Copier
      Em = Equity of the Master Trader
      Lc = Leverage of the Copier
      Lm = Leverage of the Master Trader
      Vm = Volume of the Master Trader's order
      Vc = Volume of the Copiers order
      Volume = Equity(Copier)/Equity(Master) × Leverage

      Example: Master Account equity is 500 USD, leverage is 1:200; Copier account equity is 200 USD, leverage is 1:100. 1-lot order is opened on the Master Account. The volume of the copied order will be 200/500 × 100/200 × 1 = 0.2 lot.
    • Do you charge any commission for copying masters?
      OctaFX doesn’t charge any additional commission—the only commission you pay is the Master Trader’s commission, which is specified individually and is charged in USD per lot of traded volume.
    • What is a Balance Keeper option?
      Balance Keeper is an option that you set before copying which helps you to control your risks. You can set its value anywhere between 0% and 50% of the funds invested with the Master Trader. If your equity (as a percentage of your initial investment) goes below the set value, the Balance Keeper will suspend copying new orders and close all your active orders. Note that this option doesn't protect you from instantly incurred losses during periods of high market volatility.
    • Can I stop copying a Master Trader?
      You can unsubscribe from Master Trader and stop copying their trades at any moment. When you unsubscribe, all funds invested with the Master Trader and your profit from copying will be returned to your Wallet. Before unsubscribing, please make sure all current trades are closed.
    • How can I become a Master Trader?
      Any OctaFX client with an MT4 account can become a Master Trader. Just go to your Master Area and set up your Master Account.
    • How do I adjust the amount of the commission I charge my Copiers?
      Go to your Master Area, view Settings, adjust the commission using the slider, and save changes. The new commission will only be charged from the Copiers to subscribe to you after the adjustment. For all other Copiers, the commission amount will remain unchanged.
    • When do I get commission payments from my Copiers?
      Payouts are made on Sundays at 6:00 p.m. (EET) every week.
    • When is the commission charged to my Copiers?
      The commission is charged on Saturdays for closed orders.
    • How do I get the commission?
      We transfer it to a special Wallet. From your Wallet, you can add it to any of your trading accounts, or withdraw it.
    • What does the status program mean?
      Our status program allows you to enjoy extra benefits for holding a higher balance. You can find the list of all the benefits on the User Statuses page in your Personal Area.
    • What benefits can I get on each status?
      • 24/7 Customer Support
      • Commission-free deposits and withdrawals.

      • All the benefits of Bronze
      • Trading signals from Autochartist
      • Premium gifts in Trade and Win—AirPods and Apple Watch
      • Faster accumulation of prize lots (1.25 prize lots for one lot traded).
      • All the benefits of Bronze and Silver
      • Faster withdrawals and deposits
      • Lowers spreads on the Forex extended currencies
      • Premium gifts in Trade and Win—MacBook Air, iPhone XR
      • Special terms for completing deposit bonuses—the number of lots to trade equals the bonus amount divided by 2.5
      • Faster accumulation of prize lots—1.5 prize lots for one lot traded.

      • All the benefits of Bronze, Silver, and Gold
      • Lowers spreads on the Forex Majors, Forex Extended, Metals
      • Prompts on trading from our experts
      • Personal manager
      • VIP events

      • Premium gifts in Trade and Win—MacBook Pro, iPad Pro
      • Special terms for completing deposit bonuses—the number of lots to trade equals the bonus amount divided by 3
      • Faster accumulation of prize lots—2 prize lots for one lot traded.
    • How do I get higher statuses?
      We upgrade it automatically once your overall balance hits the threshold:
      • For Bronze—5 USD
      • For Silver—1,000 USD
      • For Gold—2,500 USD
      • For Platinum—10,000 USD
    • Do I need to pay for entering the status program?
      No, it’s free.
    • When do I have my user status upgraded after depositing a sufficient amount?
      Your status will be activated immediately.
    • Does the status program allow me to make instant deposits and withdrawals?
      Not exactly If you are a Gold or Platinum status holder, our financial specialists process your request faster than the ones of lower status holders. But eventually, the processing speed also depends on the payment method, payment service, and banks.
    • What are the instruments in the Forex extended group?
    • Will I lose my status if my overall balance drops?
      That depends on your status, the amount you lose, and whether you lose money in the course of trading or due to a withdrawal.
      Bronze cannot be downgraded.
      Silver can be downgraded to Bronze:
      • instantly if your balance goes below 800 USD after withdrawal or internal transfer
      • in 30 days if your balance goes below 800 USD as a result of your trading activity.

      Gold can be downgraded to Silver or even Bronze:
      • instantly if your balance goes below 2,000 USD after withdrawal or internal transfer
      • in 30 days if your balance goes below 2,000 USD as a result of your trading activity.
      Platinum can be downgraded to Gold or even lower status:
      • instantly if your balance goes below 10,000 USD after withdrawal or internal transfer
      • in 30 days if your balance goes below 10,000 USD as a result of your trading activity.
    • What are the VIP events?
      The meetups we conduct behind the closed doors where you can get in touch with other traders of your level and discuss what you want informally. Transfer services and other expenses are on us.
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