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What are commodities?

Сommodities are tradeable physical assets such as metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and copper as well as crude oil, natural gas, and other resources.

The value of commodities to a trader is that they have little connection with the ups and downs of currencies and the stock market, helping create a diverse and stable investment portfolio.
Modern investment offers a variety of easy ways to take part in commodities trading—the most common of these is trading CFDs (contracts for difference). These let you take a position on a commodity’s price without actually owning the asset.

Advantages of CFD trading:

  • The ability to profit from not just strong markets but falling ones as well
  • Speculate within a wide range of markets from just one platform
  • Margin trading lets you create a diverse investment portfolio rather than locking up all your capital within a single transaction.


Commodities trading in gold has become very popular indeed, as online investment has grown—it provides one of the simplest and most affordable means of making a profit.

Gold has great transferable value and historically has been proven to be highly dependable for gold traders. Plus, in general, precious metals make an excellent bolster during periods where currencies are depressed, and inflation is high.

  • The most popular traded commodity
  • Excellent hedge against inflation and deflation
  • Historically strong demand

Why trade commodities with OctaFX

No round-turn

Most brokers charge fees for entering the market, but at OctaFX you can forget about commissions and focus on trading and making a profit.


We have minimised your commodity trading costs and offer some of the industry's lowest spreads.

Flexible leverage
of up to 1:200

Using leverage gives you larger market exposure for a relatively small initial deposit. In other words, it amplifies the return on your investment if you're on the right side of the trade.

Free market insights
from our analysts

Stay on top of the market with relevant news and analysis delivered straight to your commodity trading platform or mobile phone.

Types of commodity assets

At OctaFX you can trade CFDs across various commodities, both on the MT4 and MT5 platforms, with absolutely no commission:

Symbol Description Bid Ask Spread (pips)
XAGUSD Silver on Spot 23.92 23.95 2.6
XAUUSD Gold on Spot 1,878.3 1,878.7 3.7
XBRUSD Brent Crude Oil 94.3 94.4 1.2
XTIUSD WTI Crude Oil 92.8 92.9 1.2
XNGUSD US Natural Gas 4.13 4.19 6.0
Symbol Description Bid Ask Spread (pips)
XAGUSD Silver on Spot 23.92 23.95 2.6
XAUUSD Gold on Spot 1,878.3 1,878.7 3.7
XBRUSD Brent Crude Oil 94.3 94.4 1.2
XTIUSD WTI crude oil 92.8 92.9 1.2
XNGUSD US Natural Gas 4.13 4.19 6.0

Tips on commodity trading

  • Analyse the market

    Analyse the market

    Use charts to get an idea of how gold or other commodities behave across different timeframes. Backtest your strategies on historical data to see how they would pan out. Look for patterns, wait for breakouts before trading, and trade with the trend. Get free Trading Signals to help you make your call, or use free Autochartist market reports to get a clear view on the current trends in the most popular instruments. Technical analysis is important for making the right decisions.

  • Select your commodity trading strategy

    Select your commodity trading strategy

    CFD and Forex trading strategies vary in time and effort required, as well as the analysis and tools they are based on, and most importantly, the market situations they suit. Getting familiar with several strategies may prove beneficial for your trading.

  • Learn what influences the commodity price

    Learn what influences the commodity price

    There are many geopolitical and economic factors that will have an effect on the price of a commodity. Without question, the biggest factor influencing commodity prices is supply and demand in the market. Stay on top of market news and equip yourself with weekly and daily forecasts from our analysts to make informed decisions.

  • Don't forget about risk management

    Don't forget about risk management

    Protecting your account against adverse price fluctuations is an essential part of a trading strategy. Learn about the essential techniques of risk management.

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